Riding a Triumph is like riding no other motorcycle. 

It's a pleasure that many like to enjoy in the company of like-minded individuals and our local R.A.T. Packs exist to find great riding experiences that stimulate the senses - brilliant roads, stunning scenery and great atmosphere.

What is R.A.T?

R.A.T stands for Riders Association of Triumph and is a collection of like-minded individuals who share a passion for riding Triumphs. R.A.T is supported by dealerships and Triumph and exists to find great riding experiences that stimulate the senses - brilliant roads, stunning scenery and great atmosphere.


R.A.T Exeter meets:



If you have an idea for a RAT Club meet please feel free to e-mail your ideas to:

For all R.A.T meets, events and ride outs the following rules exist:

- Individuals are fully responsible for their own actions.

- All riders participate in the ride at their own risk.

- Bikes must be road legal.

- All riders will conduct themselves in accordance with the law.

- Rides will leave at the promptly at the designated ride time. Please make sure:

- You must arrive 15 minutes before hand for a quick briefing and any extra information.

- Your bike has enough fuel to make it to the first fuel stop.

- R.A.T is all about the joys of riding a motorcycle thus, non-Triumphs are still welcome.

- Have fun and enjoy the ride. 


Second Rider Drop-Off System

The Exeter RAT rides follow the “Drop-Off System” to navigate the route due to the number of bikes attending. It’s a simple method of marking the route and it means that even if you lose sight of the rider in front, you simply maintain a straight ahead course until you see a member of the group marking a junction. Remember who is in front of you!

The drop-off system works as follows

  • The Ride Leader is always at the front and is never overtaken. The Ride Sweeper is always at the back. These are the only two riders who maintain their positions in the group.
  • Other riders follow in line behind the Leader and when the route is going to deviate from a straight ahead course the Leader will indicate to the 2nd-place rider to mark the junction to indicate the change in direction.
  • The Marker must find somewhere SAFE to stop and mark the junction where they can clearly be seen by the following riders, and be careful not to confuse other road users.
  • The Marker must not move-off until all group riders have passed, at which point the Sweeper will indicate to the Marker to rejoin the ride in front of the Sweeper. This means riders will rotate from the front to the back of the group during the ride.
  • The only rider who may flash their lights to the stationary route Marker is the Sweeper as this, along with other signals, may be used to indicate to the Marker to move-on.
  • Unless weather or traffic conditions dictate, ideally the only bikes that should use front auxiliary or fog lights are those of the Ride Leader and Ride Sweeper. This helps to quickly identify the Sweeper when looking in your mirrors.
  • The Leader & Sweeper will usually wear orange high-vis jackets and will be the only members of the group wearing this colour. This makes it much easier to identify them from a distance.